Want to Fund a Political Ad against a Candidate Of Your Choice?



What are you?

Question PAC was founded in April of 2018 as a non-profit 527 organization, and is registered as an independent expenditure organization with both federal and state election authorities. Founded and supported by locals, this PAC is required by law to operate independently from any parties or candidates, and will be receiving support and donations from local citizens who want to effect political change directly in their own back yard.

What is your purpose?

Our purpose is to disrupt the political media status quo in Eastern Washington leading before the 2020 elections with the sole purpose of challenging and defeating Republican candidates at all levels of government in the state, especially in the rural and conservatives areas of the state.

What are you doing?

We have formed an administrative and production staff, and have been creating political advertisements that we are broadcasting online to voters throughout all of Central and Eastern Washington until the 2020 elections.



How are you doing it?

Our team consists of a group of people who happen to be able to bring together decades of experience in a wide variety of professions, all of which lend themselves to the operation of a political media group. We have experience in broadcasting, publicity, tax compliance, videography and administration, and we have integrated this expertise into a very lean and effective political media organization in the heart of Eastern Washington.

How can i help?

Reaching out to our fellow voters is simply a matter of buying advertising space. Please help contribute to our success with financial support. We are in historic times, and we need to rise up together. We have a message ready for Eastern Washington, and with your support we can deliver that message to our fellow voters.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call or text us now at (877) 809-4057 for more information.

There are about 1.3 million residents in the area, it will still take a significant but attainable number of donors to make this operation effective. If we upset the status quo in Central and Eastern Washington, we will be making history!


It’s time to disrupt the political media landscape in Eastern Washington. Help us!

Your dollars will go to directly to putting ads on TV, radio and the internet to defeat Republican candidates in Washington State. Decide which races you want your money to go to.

Donate early and donate often! Election Day is November 3rd, 2020.